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BONUS EPISODES NOW PLAYING!  The Duke of Nerds hits the road with The Rev of Rants in a special  spin off show called 30&Nerdy: The Road So Far. Each week the boys will talk about an episode of the hit television show Supernatural.


Each episode will be filled with conversation, unknown facts, and most important of all...witty banter. Starting with the pilot, Tyler and Logan will travel through the good, bad, and the ugly of one of their favorite shows of the modern era. Tune in NOW  wherever you cast your pod.


The Road So Far...

Season 1

Pilot / Wendigo  8.30.20

Dead In The Water / Phantom Traveler  9.5.20

Bloody Mary / Skin  9.21.20

Hook Man / Bugs  10.3.20

Home / Asylum   10.7.20

Scarecrow / Faith  11. 15.20

Route 666 / Nightmare  11.22.20

The Benders / Shadow  12.11.20

Hell House / Something Wicked  12.25.20

Provenance  1.17.21

Dead Man's Blood / Salvation / Devil's Trap  2.11.21




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