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...Till The Day We Die

The BadCastCompany name plays off of three best friends Josh Davis, Tyler McDaniel, and Logan Roach., AKA... Juice, T-Mac, and Rev.  What started as a spin on the song from Bad Company and creating a stable with said name and song in wrestling games back in the day; these three friends have done a lot together. From road trips,, Wrestlemanias, pool and basement wrestling matches, podcasting, video gaming, arguing, and so much more. Tyler and Logan even jumped out of a plane together. Whatever they do, the three have always had this Bad Company mentality. So it only seemed accurate to use this in the podcast world too. It started out as a branding of ownership for one show, but who knows what it can lead to. So we hope if you are posting about any of these show, you will use this hashtag with it.

-Cheers To Ya!-

30&Nerdy Season 5 Logo.jpg

The show that started it all. 30&Nerdy Podcast was founded by Josh Davis and Tyler McDaniel in Spring of 2019. The show was founded by Nerds and for Nerds. Navigating through The Nerdiverse can be difficult, but at 30&Nerdy Podcast, it is done with the three E's in mind: Education, Enlightenment, and Entertainment. The show is in its 5th Season! With over 12,000 Downloads, The Nerds are incredibly thankful for you all! You can find the show wherever you cast your pod.
Rated E for Everyone.

Began in 2020, The Road So Far is an extension of The 30&Nerdy Podcast featuring Rev and Mac as they navigate the good, the bad, and the ugly of one of their favorite shows of the modern era, Supernatural. Starting with The Pilot, they breakdown plot and unknown info about every episode of the hit CW show. Supernatural began in 2005 and is ended with its 15th and final season. A Prequel series is coming out in October. This show airs as bonus episodes on 30&Nerdy Podcast and listener discretion is advised.
Rated M for Mature

TRSF Pod Art.jpg
Movie Mania Logo.jpg

Movie Mania is a Patreon exclusive show. The way you gain access to this new show for 2022 is become a Patreon supporter for little as $3 a month. This show will feature Rev, Doc, Mac, and maybe some guests here and there. They will discuss movies of all genres.
Rated M for Mature. 

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