Tyler Mac

  • Founder

  • Co-Host of 30&Nerdy Podcast

  • The Duke of Nerds

  • Twitter: @TylerPhenyx08

  • DC Guy

  • Theatre Nerd

  • Vol Fan

  • Favorite Heroes: Batman / Wolverine

  • Favorite Villains: Joker / Carnage

Josh Davis

  • Founder

  • Co-Host of The Show

  • The Doctor of Nerdonomics

  • Twitter: @NerdyJD1

  • Has pissed off Harrison Ford

  • Marvel Guy

  • Theatre Teacher

  • Favorite Heroes: Spider-Man / Nightwing

  • Favorite Villains: Riddler / Magneto


Logan Roach

  • Co-Host of The Road So Far

  • Guest Host of 30&Nerdy Podcast

  • The Rev of Rants

  • "The Eric Church of Collectibles"

  • Bama Fan

  • The Last True Family Man

  • Instagram: @rev_coll3ction

Claire Crowder

  • Guest host on the show

  • The Nerd Queen Regent

  • Lives in England

  • TikTok: @winterarrow

  • Twitter: @thewinterarrow

  • Fun Fact: Her guest host episodes are the most listened to episodes in 30&Nerdy Podcast history!



  • Better known as The Ocho Duro Parlay Hour

  • Hosted by Ken M, Padawn J, and Coach Duffy

  • Co-Founder of The Council of Nerds

  • First Crossover episode was S1:E35 - The BMF of The Galaxy

  • Ken M has been in the most crossover episodes in 30&Nerdy podcast history!

3 Fat Nerds Podcast

  • Also known as 3FN

  • Hosted by Rich, Ron, and Diesel.

  • Member of The Council of Nerds

  • Two shows each week. 

  • Rich worked in the wrestling business for 10+ years. 

  • Flagship show of 8122 Productions


Dre Driven

  • @dredriven83 on Twitter

  • @dredriven83 on Instagram

  • Member of The Council of Nerds

  • Big voice for Nerd Culture on Twitter

  • Tune into his social media accounts for constant vlogs on Nerd Culture and his opinions!

East Coast Avengers

  • Hosts: JT, Dom​, Josh, Darren, and Christian.

  • Located in Memphis, TN

  • Dom has been on a Council of Nerds crossover.

  • JT has been on every Council of Nerds crossover.

  • Twitter: @EastCoastAvngrs

  • TikTok: @eca_901



  • Two Episodes were dedicated to the release of Tyler's favorite horror movie of 2020!

  • The directors, Adam Leader and Richard Oakes, joined Neal Ward for an interview in the first episode.

  • Samantha Loxley joined in on the second episode to talk about her demonic role and outstanding performance.

  • This was one of Tyler's favorite episodes to make in 2020.

Will Jewel / Dirctor of Concrete Plans

  • Will Jewel joined in on an episode to talk about his new film for Dark Sky Films, Concrete Plans.

  • The movie dropped in March of 2021

  • Will will return in a future episode joined by a special guest.

  • You can find the movie on DVD and VOD right now


Paige / Reverie True Crime