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This Season

The Road So Far: Session 0
S5:E1 - Badda Big Boom w/ Johnny Has The Keys Podcast
S5:E2 - Frosty & Nerdy w/ ScreamQueen Devanny Pinn
S5:E3 - Mutants & Mortals
S5:E4 - Feed Me, Jed! Feed Me!
S5:E5 - Itchita Pumpkina Melaka Nerdica 
YouTube Exclusive: TOP 10 Halloween Time Movies
S5:E6 - #NolanVerseNovember (Batman Begins)
S5:E7 - #NolanVerseNovember (The Dark Knight)
S5:E8 - #NolanVerseNovember (The Dark Knight Rises)
S5:E9 - Playing Catch Up For Christmas
S5:E10 - New Year, Same Nerds!
S5:E11 - Batman Incorporated
S5:E12 - Birds of A Feather
S5:E13 - Friends on The Other Side w/ Lauren Moss from In Between Paranormal
S5:E14 - Hearing Voices w/ voice actress, Danielle Threep
S5:E15 - Ghostface Takes a Slice of The Big Apple
S5:E16 - May The 4th Be With You '23
S5:E17 - The "Happiest" Place On Earth and The Fastest Man Alive
S5:E18 - Welcome To Earth: An Independence Day Special (7/4/23)
S5:E19 - Fanboy Expo Knoxville '23
S5:E20 - Independence Day 2 (A Watch Through)

S5:E21 - The Strike, The Theaters, Topics, and A SummerSlam Preview
S5:E22 - SummerSlam '23
S5:E23 - Tales From The Nerdiverse, Super Mario, and The Super Smash Cinematic Universe?
S5:E24 - It's Tano Time


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